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Single Tube

Single Tube Buildings are available in widths from 24’ up to 36’ and manufactured to the length you require to meet your needs.

Interlocking Connectors
Our single tube buildings feature no bolts or special tools. All connectors and rafters are fitted for simple assembly.  Most importantly, their special design results in a tight, immovable system that interlocks for maximum strength.

Allied Gatorshield Tubing
Allied Gatorshield tubing provides the framework for the Single Tube Pro·Tec Engineered Buildings. At 2 1/2” in diameter and 50,000 PSI, it’s strong and durable. The Gatorshield coating offers unmatched protection against rust and corrosion.

Simple Tie Down
The fabric cover is attached and tightened with a ratchet tie-down system. The winches securely hold the cover in place and allow for quick, easy adjustment.

Sentry Series

Sentry Series buildings follow the most recent building code while focusing on maximizing the features & benefits you get for the money. Its many uses include livestock shelters, commodity storage and flat grain storage. By adding the Grain Shield to your Sentry building, you can store up to 30%+ more grain!

  • Widths: 40’ Up To 180’
  • Walls: Pony or Truss
  • Spacing: 10’ 12’ or 16’
  • Wind Loads: The Sentry building series is classified as partially enclosed with a wind speed of 90 mph.
  • Snow Loads: Both balanced and unbalanced snow is applied to the model as service load cases. The standard building series is designed to 30 psf, 40 psf, and 50 psf ground snow.
  • Engineered To Meet Current IBC


ProTec hoop buildings are great for livestock, equipment storage, hay storage, grain storage, riding arenas, and so much more! Give Dean a call at Weiss Milling to find out more.

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