Providing Quality Feeds Since 1987


At Weiss Milling we can grind and crack corn. Grinding/cracking and mixing is $10/ton ($10 min.) for bulk feed, and $20/ton ($20 min.) for bagged feed.

Bulk Feed Delivery

We currently have 2 9-ton feed trucks delivering feed, commodities and concentrates. Delivery services start at $35 and increase with distance. We also can delivery commodities such as DDGs, soy meal, and soy hull pellets from CHS or Valero. 


We bag a lot of feed at Weiss Milling. We can bag pretty much any feed for any species. We can make a ration that you have or we can come up with something special just for your herd. Bagging services start at $20/T. 

Bag Delivery

We deliver bags, tubs, blocks, equipment etc. to your farm site and put it where you need it. Truck delivery starts off at $20 for local deliveries and increases with distance. 

Ration Building

At Weiss Milling we can help you  build the right ration for your livestock. We can also visit your farm to see what your needs are. We have access to many specialists through our feed vendors as well. 

Show Feeds

We grew up showing animals and are still raising show livestock. We are very passionate about the show industry and 4H. We understand that show feeds are not all the same, and that your animal needs just the right mix to get them ready for show day. Talk to Jake about what we can offer!

We also provide complete show feeds from our vendors such as Showrite, Surechamp, Kent Show Feeds, and more. 

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